The Truth About Cheap Escort Agencies

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You’ve only got to search online to see the multitude of escort agencies showcasing themselves on the internet. It is one big candy-shop of the good, the bad, and unfortunately, the very bad agencies out there. Some are unbelievably cheap when it comes to the escort rates. Some of the newest agencies are charging ludicrous prices such as £50 per hour for out-calls.

These agencies have three goals in mind: undercut their competition, exploit the ladies they recruit, and benefit handsomely in the process. They have no concern for anything other than the profit the business can make. Every reason as to why you need to do your homework, and make sure you know exactly what sort of agency you are joining.You know what you want so why waste time with mediocre? Maddison Escorts of Liverpool provide the highest quality in elite model escorts, and the highest quality is all you want. The rates reflect the calibre of the high class escort companion that you are getting. Cheaper agencies may try to deceive you, but you’ve heard the saying, “too good to be true.” Even so, you may not realize just how bad these agencies can be.

When you spend the evening with an out-call escort in your own home or luxury hotel, your guard is down, way down. You are getting close to someone and the idea of intimacy is not totally out of the window. The truth is, you don’t personally know your escort, and cheaper escort agencies in Liverpool may not have the same strict standards that Maddison Escorts demand from the elite escorts they represent. You want ladies that you can trust. Ladies that are not being exploited, and working for next to nothing, in a job that she probably hates. Cheaper agencies simply do not do for their escort models what an agency like Maddison Escorts can do.

You don’t live life on the look out for scams, you deal straight with people, and expect the same in return. Cheap agencies, represent cheap people, who’s aim is to take advantage of you and the escorts. That expectation of honesty and upright business practice from cheap escort agencies, can, and often does lead to a rip off of some kind. From money and credit card information being stolen, to cheap agencies sending an escort that doesn’t even look anything like the lady you chose from their website. You don’t want to cross paths with someone who thinks you’re a sucker, so don’t get suckered in and take the bait.

It’s perfectly natural to become rather familiar with the escort who you spend time with. However, it only takes one absent minded comment to reveal more than you intended, then have a random escort from a cheap Liverpool agency reveal all of your private business to the world. Discretion is highly important to us at Maddison Escorts. When it comes to confidentiality, every escort and member of staff must sign a non-disclosure contract before they even come into contact with our clients.

Bait & Switch

The models you see on the Maddison Escorts of Liverpool website are the exact elite escorts you will meet. This is not always the case with cheap agencies who often pay other attractive models for their photos, and use these pictures to trick the client into believing this is the lady he booked. Don’t be deceived.

The ladies we represent are naturally beautiful, with a fabulous personality. But, we know that it takes more than just great looks to be a top Liverpool escort. When you book through Maddison Escorts you will find that each lady excels in professionalism, intelligence, sophistication, and charisma.

Illegal activity.

You don’t want to get on the wrong side of the law. Legitamite escort agencies insist that each escort must be over 18, and want to work of her own free will. Every escort that we represent fits this criteria. They are in the business by choice, and have applied to be models with our agency. Other, cheaper escort services can not all say the same.

Unlike cheaper Liverpool escort agencies who offer their clients a sub-standard service, here at Maddison Escorts, all our clients are VIP clients. Our elite service provides GFE, dinner dates, theatre dates, couples, business dates, and luxury shopping companions. The choice is yours!


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