About Us

Let what we do work for you…

Maddisons is an introductory agency located in the thriving metropolis of Liverpool, (“The New York of Europe!”) that specialises in helping clients connect with discreet, vibrant and extremely alluring Liverpool escorts. Our focus is on quality, not quantity; we don’t seek to cater for every person, nor is money the goal of our business. To us, you are not just “another caller,” we treat every client as if they are our only client, and tailor each introduction to your personal preference.  

Make room for the more than.

Unlike many Escort Agencies today, Maddisons continues to operate in defiant response to a downward trend in apparent “elite” escort services. While escorting and companion introduction agencies are comfortable with raising their prices, the vast majority are sadly not maintaining or raising their standards. There is a lot more to accomplishing  a luxury professional escort agency, than just a pretty website.

Our success and excellent reputation are the result of hard work, passion and dedication! We have earned the trust of our clients, through a deep commitment to placing their interests first. We treat this trust with the utmost respect and continually work to preserve and build it. A large percentage of our clientèle are return clients, and the remainder being referred by word of mouth.

Nothing less than the best

We preserve and uphold the quality and style for which all ‘high-class Liverpool escorts’ were once renowned. You will find the majority of the ladies we represent are career professionals, i.e., Models, Fitness professionals, Consultants and MA Students. Each one possessing natural beauty, intelligence, sophistication, and charisma, combined with the ability to present themselves eloquently in a variety of professional and social situations.

Maddisons only recruits and represent ladies who specifically meet our very strict standards. It is for this reason we interview all potential Liverpool escorts personally to ensure their suitability. Face to face meetings enable us to gain a much greater insight into the ladies character, confidence, approachability and sincerity.

We are equally selective with our clientèle, and only agree to assist those which we feel comfortable with, and with whom we feel will be best suited to our ladies. We are not in business to gain the maximum amount of clients, nor to accept every caller’s booking. We carefully select our clients as well as our companions in order to bring quality people together for mutually enjoyable experiences.

How we protect works!


Protecting both the clients and escorts anonymity is paramount to our business, and an integral part of our commitment to service excellence. To help us meet this commitment we have implemented safety measures to ensure both client and escorts identities are protected.


Firstly, like you, the escorts also have the same right to privacy – they too have families, a career and futures to consider, this is why we do not show the faces of the ladies we represent. Furthermore, very few of our clients wish to date a lady whose image is all over the internet as this could equally compromise their identity if she is a known escort.


All escorts agree to maintain our code of ethics, and furthermore sign a non-disclosure ‘confidentiality’ agreement that protects the anonymity of all individuals they are introduced to through us – the same rule applies to telephonists and management alike.


We do not retain any records or a database of your information. Your details are logged for the duration of your date for the protection of the escort, for screening purposes, and for the convenience of contacting you where needed. However once the appointment is concluded, your personal details and the details of your date are destroyed by micro cross shredder for 100% protection.


Diversity on demand


We aren’t one of those agencies that got stuck in a vertical market, that’s why the Liverpool escorts we represent are as diverse as the clientèle we serve. And being well diversified means not limiting ourselves to just beautiful young ladies, but to offer an exquisite variety of girls, that include native English speakers and ladies from a variety of different nations and cultures. Rest assured that whoever you choose to meet, any of these ladies are going to exceed your expectations and fulfil your wildest dreams!


Confidentiality and discretion


Maddisons Liverpool escort agency takes confidentiality, discretion and privacy matters extremely seriously. We only collect personal information from clients in order to process bookings and provide a personal and customised experience. All escorts sign a non disclosure confidentiality agreement, as do all other members of staff. We do not keep records, and we never share your personal information with any outside parties.


Customer satisfaction


Customer service and commitment to our clients has been the driving force behind our business from day one. We strive to get it right, first time, every time and go to extraordinary lengths to make this happen. We want to meet or exceed your expectations competently, efficiently, knowledgeably and with flair. By taking the time to really listen and understand our clients, we are better prepared in matching them to their ideal companion and subsequently their perfect date – we don’t want satisfied clients, we want extremely satisfied ones